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With most softwares, converting a file to pdf will usually require you going online and doing some stuff in a particular website before your intending file can be can be changed to pdf (portable document file), and not only that, sometimes you have to pay.

Wonderfully, this article illustrates a smarter way of converting an MS WORD document or any other document to pdf with just your android phone.

In this article I recommended two ways to do this conversion:

  • By changing the document’s file extension.
  • By using the popular WPS Office App

Changing the file extension

Changing the file extension of any document ,say from .docx to .pdf, is a smart simple way of converting a document to pdf .To do this,
  • go to your file manager, press or long-press the document you want to convert and then look for the option RENAME;
  • using your keyboard’s backspace, clear the existing file extension (may be .docx, .doc, .txt) and enter “.pdf” then SAVE /OK.


Though this very method works for some files, but there are documents even when you change the file extension will not be opened by a pdf reader because is some sort of protected or encrypted, rather an error message pops up; Something like this:

telling you that you;r pdf reader is unable to open the file.

The summary here is that, you can try this method for some documents but not all documents, especially Ms word documents.

Therefore I recommend the 2nd method as a more feasible method for all document including MS word documents.


Using the WPS Office App:

Converting MS word document or any other document type to pdf is 100% possible with this very App. The WPS Office is compactible with both Apple OS and Android OS(Operating System –you should check your smart phone now to see if you have it and if you don't I suggest you download the App for free! It should be helpful for this purpose!

Note: in the following subsequent steps, I am going to be using an MS word document file as an example.

  • 1st step: go to your file manager or the file location and open the ‘dot docx document (document.docx) with WPS Office app.
Note that by default, every .docx document will open automatically with WPS Office –that is if you already have the app.
  • 2nd step: when you must have opened your intending document with WPS office app, select the icon TOOLS.
  • 3rd step: Tap FILE then tap SAVE AS

    Choose ‘’MY DOCUMENTS’’ as the location you want to save it to.
  • 4th step: finally, select the option “pdf”

    amongst other options (.doc, .docx, .text) next to your document’s name, then tap the SAVE icon with a green background. Your document is saved as a pdf file!

NOTE: after you must have selected the .pdf file extension, the old document’s file extension will also change in the file manager location.

Go back to your file manager and select the document again; your Adobe Reader or any other pdf reader opens the document and that’s it!

Last Words

I sincerely encourage everyone reading this article to deem this method a very useful one as most platforms will require internet data consumption. The first method - i.e. by changing the file extension directly from your file manager -will not work for some documents especially MS word documents; but you can try it with other documents. Apart from converting documents to pdf, the WPS Office App can also edit the content of most document.

Download the App if you don’t have it.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not in any way the creator of the app and I’m not in any way an affiliate. Just trying to help.

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed this?
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