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how to download facebook videos directly to your android phone, using operamini browser

Facebook offers so many exciting features from reactions to live videos, group market place, etc. The algorithm and mostly the exciting features on facebook is really amazing and one of the reasons why facebook is the top social media in the world. But you know what? facebook videos can't be downloaded through facebook itself, rather you watch them online and that's it !

I remember vividly when I watched a particular facebook video that really got my interest and was so amazing. The next day, I needed to watch that video again, only to realize that my data wasn't enough. Then it occurred to me: wouldn't it be wonderful if i had to download this video directly from fb and watch it again and again and again?!

Oh yes! This article precisely explains how you can download facebook videos using your opera mini browser only!

i will keep it simple !


  • an android phone ( 😁 incase u dont have)
  • Operamini mobile browser app* very important.
  • Enough data, from 10mb and above.
  • a facebook app*very important also!
  • lastly and very necessary, Patience! i.e depending on the network speed! 😊

This is how you go ⏩ ⏩ ⏩

🔷 Using the facebook app: save any facebook video by clicking on the arrow 🔽 pointing downwards at the top-left side of your intended video,
🔶 you will see other options; select SAVE.
🔷 Now close the fb app or u minimise, open your operamini browser, Login to your facebook account through your opera,
🔷 go to your notification bar; Facebook will notify u that "you have saved videos",
🔶 click on the saved video from your notification.

🔷your opramini app will automatically download your video to your desired storage location.

My Remark: these days most facebook users prefer to use their facebook apps -of course it is more convenient and has all the features- but at the same time, you wouldn't be reading this article on how to download facebook videos if you ha bdeen logging in your facebook account using your opera mini browser, you know why? Because, when you are logged in on facebook, using your operamini browser, when you come across a video, you would simply tap and a pop-up comes up asking you to select the folder you will want to download that video to.

So you see, it is EASIER for you to download facebook videos when you are logged in on facebook using your operamini browser; and finding the location of that video, say in a fb page, group, newsfeed etc.
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