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How to download facebook videos using operamini browser

how to download facebook videos directly to your android phone, using operamini browser
Facebook offers so many exciting features from reactions to live videos, group market place, etc. The algorithm and mostly the exciting features on facebook is really amazing and one of the reasons why facebook is the top social media in the world... continue reading

How to convert any file to pdf using an android phone

With most softwares, converting a file to pdf will usually require you going online and doing some stuff in a particular website before your intending file can be can be changed to pdf (portable document file), and not only that... continue reading

best female programmers in the world

We all think that that there more male programmers to females, oh yeah, That’s correct. But what you are about to read—about these few female coders—is mindblowing! Their contributions in renowned tech organizations. And of course, if you are a… continue reading

Something You Should Know About Your IP Address

An IP address (short for Internet Protocol address), is used to identify computers on the Internet. The word protocol could be seen as rules determining the format and transmission of data between computers, host servers and websites; whereas address could be seen… continue reading
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